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The Look-A-Like

Many of you know our sweet dog, Anakin, went missing in June. June 4th, to be exact. I still drive around looking for him. I still check local shelters. Something in me isn't ready to give up. Our sweet Ani is deeply missed. We've had two extremely close encounters. One dog at the shelter that… Continue reading The Look-A-Like

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Closing on Mondays

Howdy y'all. Wow, I knew this was a hard decision for me, but I didn't think writing this post would stir up quite as much feeling as making the decision. My trembling fingers say otherwise. When my husband and I bought the feed store, we thought we would hit the ground running, add Monday to… Continue reading Closing on Mondays

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One Thing At A Time

We're coming up on the two-week mark of running the feed store, and I have to remind myself every day that there is a honeymoon phase to every adventure in life - you know what I'm talking about, right? That time period when everything is bliss, and nothing seems to hard to tackle. I can't… Continue reading One Thing At A Time