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Gifts from God

I posted about my little bay filly, Drifter, on August 1st. She was too much for me and I had to admit that life is different now. (I even wrote about it in more depth on my personal blogpersonal blog.) It was hard to admit and even harder to give up on my stubbornness where… Continue reading Gifts from God

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Pennies for Pets and People

On March 1st, 2018, when I turned the key in the lock on the front door of Nicoma Park Feed, and turned on the lights, I'd already dreamed up this jar. I knew it would have a place on the counter at some point. I opened the door with so many ideas I couldn't fit… Continue reading Pennies for Pets and People

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What’s On Sale? July 24-28, 2018

If you come out to shop at Nicoma Park Feed this week, you'll find two favorites on sale. (Technically, it's more than two because it's whole categories.) All of our garden seeds are 20% off this week. Whether you are trying to plant a late summer or fall garden, or planning for next year, come… Continue reading What’s On Sale? July 24-28, 2018

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Look a Little Deeper

Risky reminds me of a lesson I learned years ago, as a young girl with horses. We had a bay mare, named Socks, who came to us in poor condition. Her frogs were rotten, and she had quarter cracks that were bloody. Her coronets were excessively scarred, and those are just the problems we could… Continue reading Look a Little Deeper