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Thoughts While Milking #1

Tonight, while milking, I couldn't help but wonder if stress balls were created by someone who grew up on a farm and milked a goat or a cow or maybe a donkey. While milking might make my hands ache, I find it to be quite enjoyable and soothing - stress relieving, even. Well, let me… Continue reading Thoughts While Milking #1

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A Dose of Humor for the Hard Days

Living with Chiari is challenging, but I think living with a just-turned-13 boy-man is harder. Neither is impossible, but both call out the best and the worst in me. Sometimes Chiari steals a day, or a run of days, from me. Crippling pain in my head and body make it difficult to get out of… Continue reading A Dose of Humor for the Hard Days

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Horse For Sale or Trade

Earlier this year, I thought it would be a lovely idea to get another horse. I remember so fondly my days of working with young Dreamer, that I decided I wanted a young horse. An impressionable one, if you will. Something I could really take my time with and do all the ground work over… Continue reading Horse For Sale or Trade