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Winning is messy…

If you would have asked me 20 years ago what winning meant, I would have said something like "coming out on top". Winning was about being right, being better, being stronger, being the best. And I guess, in some ways that is kind of the point of winning. Sometimes we win at things that aren't… Continue reading Winning is messy…

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One Thing At A Time

We're coming up on the two-week mark of running the feed store, and I have to remind myself every day that there is a honeymoon phase to every adventure in life - you know what I'm talking about, right? That time period when everything is bliss, and nothing seems to hard to tackle. I can't… Continue reading One Thing At A Time

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Look a Little Deeper

Risky reminds me of a lesson I learned years ago, as a young girl with horses. We had a bay mare, named Socks, who came to us in poor condition. Her frogs were rotten, and she had quarter cracks that were bloody. Her coronets were excessively scarred, and those are just the problems we could… Continue reading Look a Little Deeper