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Don’t Go Pee…Ever

I was a young mom when I remember a more seasoned mom telling me she kept struggling with a UTI. (TMI but real life often is.) After her confession, it seemed I heard it from a few other moms. This phenomenon made me wonder if their own mothers forgot to teach them to wipe front to back, but you know, how do you ask a grown lady that question?

Fast forward and now I’m a little more seasoned (and still don’t know what I’m doing) and I sneak off to go pee before we leave for church. My 6 year old starts SCREAMING and I’m sure someone is dying. When she finds me?


“Go take it from her, can’t you see I’m on the potty?” (I didn’t say potty in my cut off the stream half wipe hobble out of the bathroom grabbing for my pants moment.)

It wasn’t as everywhere as she said but the baby covered her hands, took off her pants and wiped her legs down, and covered my good leather chair.

I know now why my mom friends struggled. It’s bad to hold it in too long but what other choice do these small people give us? Take them all in the bathroom with us I guess

Even then, they would destroy something. They see our vulnerability and they wait to act until just that moment.

I guess that’s like the farm – what can go wrong, will. The animals see a moment of vulnerability and through it they plow.

Fences have been our problem lately. They seem to be finding every little problem with the fences and requiring us to work on them over and over again.

Such as life though, right?


Happy Trails

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