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Pray Continually – Thoughts While Milking #2


Pray continually. That sure sets the bar high – and I often feel like it’s just something I cannot reach. Not for lack of wanting to obey God or be connected with Him continually. But because I am human and I am busy and all my plates are always spinning.

As I was milking my goat, Milky Way, this morning, I found myself thinking of the sweet sister in Christ that I acquired my first goats and livestock guardian dogs from. I thought of her precious children, what a blessing she’s been to me, and that flowed easily into a prayer for her. As I wrapped up my petition to the Lord, it hit me – pray continually isn’t about not having anything to do other than pray. It’s about always lifting up the people, situations, and circumstances that come to mind when we are doing our work.

I don’t know about you, but my mind works in a loop – much like my daily habits and activities. Certain things happen at certain times and they trigger me to think on certain people, places, or circumstances.

Pray continually isn’t a physical posture that we must assume 24/7 and thus inhibit our ability to accomplish the things we have to do. It is a mental and spiritual posture where we continually bring before our good Father the people and circumstances we are triggered to remember.

Milking my goats doesn’t make me think of everyone I know or have ever met, just as driving down the road, or brushing my horse doesn’t either. But I think of different people at different times throughout my day, and as my day prompts me to remember them, I want to build a habit of turning the remembrances to prayer and I want to use the opportunity to bring people before God consistently.

Do certain things throughout your day prompt you to think of certain people or circumstances? Join me in using those triggers as invitations to speak to our good God on behalf of others.

Happy Trails
Happy Trails

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