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Not Where We Used to Be

I posted on our FB page about totally fan-girling over another farm girl’s work and dedication and farmer’s market stand. I got to blurt out to her husband that I follow them on FB and act totally awkward and then stalk by a few times to try to be awkward with her, too. She spared herself and was busy each time.

She replied to my FB post and even sent me a message with a fun story about a time she fan-girled another farm girl. Then, we really started talking about what we do. She was incredibly encouraging and kind.

I told her about my goal to convert us to local food, and she said, “Give yourself grace.”

And then I told her where we are coming from – 15+ fast food/restaurant meals a week. That’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner 5 days a week. What didn’t come from a drive thru, came from the frozen food “microwave and eat” section.

I knew it wasn’t good for us. I knew it was dangerous. I knew it was over processed.

I was also working insane hours helping my husband build a business. I was raising kids and growing babies in my belly. I was exhausted. I couldn’t fathom how to fit in cooking, meal prep, or even real grocery shopping. But I could run in and grab two huge boxes of hot pockets and a box of corn dogs and feed my crew for 4 or 5 lunches. Drive thru for breakfast. Drive thru for dinner, on our way home.

I needed this eye-opening reminder. It’s not very often that I think about where we are coming from. Too often I think of where we haven’t made it to yet. And I get discouraged because the kids are complaining that there are too many vegetables with dinner. Or there are no chips. Or what’s for dessert? Or they want a burger. Or why can’t we have pizza/tacos/nuggets?

But the truth is, it’s a process. Our taste buds and brains get set on what we eat. We form habits. All of that has to be rewired. And while somewhere in my head I think it’s a cold turkey conversion, it just isn’t.

Sometimes we need to enjoy a pizza and laugh and smile and NOT fight at the table.

Sometimes we need to “take it or leave it, but don’t whine about it” at the table.

We have to pick it out together and cook it together and explore cookbooks and local markets together.

And I’m trying to bring everyone on board and help everyone buy in and take ownership and want this. Want the health of this, the consciousness of this, the local economy of this, the farmer support of this, the nutrition and cellular rebuilding of this. But it takes time. 2 years ago, the only vegetables we ate were deep-fried, salty potato strings and ketchup.

At the farmer’s market this time, I bought beets, turnips, parsnips, sweet potatoes, and lettuce mix. All lovely looking veggies, ready for us to enjoy.

I’ve never used fresh beets. I’ve eaten canned, pickled beets. I like those. I’m curious about this root that I’ve never prepared myself.

We are not where we were. That is such a good, good thing. Sure, we are going and growing from here, but isn’t that what life is about? Recognizing, removing, replacing, adding, adjusting the things that help us care for ourselves and others?

I don’t have to do it all perfectly today. I can take one step at a time toward the goal I’m reaching for, and as long as I keep taking the steps as I see them and can implement them, in two years I’ll look back to today and think, “Whoa! I’m not where I was two years ago. And that’s a good thing.”

Remember, where you are now is a result of your daily habits and choices. Make new habits that help you get where you want to go, and remember, little choices add up over time.

Happy Trails

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