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Oreos and Goat Milk

This has been farm fresh week for us. We’ve eaten more food that we had a direct hand in growing/creating than ever before. I’m in awe. I wanted to come here and put into words just what it’s done for my heart and mind and motivation to really consume what we’ve worked so hard for, but I don’t know what words to use.

I can tell you this – I’ve never felt more grateful for a meal than when I sat around the table with my precious kids and we ate chicken we raised, drank milk from our own goats, and ate fresh, local vegetables. (Yes, yes, we are starting our garden this week.)

It is humbling to work so hard for a meal. It makes me more conscious of waste – I see where I have allowed the kids to be wasteful (not intentionally, I swear) more keenly. We worked too hard for what we are enjoying to pour/scoop more than we can drink/eat in the moment.

As I sit here writing this, I’m enjoying Oreo cookies in farm fresh goat milk. I know, the Oreos aren’t really great for me. But I’ve had a great week of eating nutrient dense foods that have nourished my body. Tonight, I get to indulge a little.

We’ve made yogurt and cheese. We’ve drank our raw milk. We’ve baked with our raw yogurtmilk. We’ve been eating farm fresh chicken that we raised and processed. (Word of advice: soaking a fresh chicken in an herbal brine bath overnight is a total game changer for the tenderness.)

As I work hard to bring our farm around to points of focus and to get good at some specific things, I am seeing things come to fruition. I am seeing my vision come to life. When we got here, I wanted to have us eating 70% of our food from our own farm, and the other 30% from local sources within 2 years.

I have not met those goals. But I’m not giving up. We are just scratching the surface and I think we eat about 10% from our own farm, and about 10% truly local. I’m still grocery store dependent. But I am actively seeking to change to that more each week.


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