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Thoughts While Milking #1

Tonight, while milking, I couldn’t help but wonder if stress balls were created by someone who grew up on a farm and milked a goat or a cow or maybe a donkey. While

Dulce de Donke
Oklahoma Donkey Dairy

milking might make my hands ache, I find it to be quite enjoyable and soothing – stress relieving, even.

Well, let me preface that by saying – it’s stress relieving DURING milking. The time leading up to milking can be a little bit of chaos around here. My goats can be a little demanding when they see me coming with the feed buckets. I was reading about someone who ties their goats at separate spots and everyone goes to their spot to wait for their meals.

I think I’m going to create a goat tie/feed system here. I’m going to attempt it, anyway.

Back to the stress relief – it really is calming to pump my hand rhythmically and milk my goats. Now, I’m not sure if it’s the pumping, the rhythm, the outdoors, or even the goat herself that is soothing. Maybe it is the combination. But my shoulders relax, and I think, “Wow, this is what I was made for.” A lot of farm life has me thinking that same thing.

I used to think I was a horse girl. Dog girl, too. But I think I’m just a critters girl. An outside in the sunshine girl. A fingers in the dirt girl. A relieve-my-stress-by-milking-goats girl.

(I looked around online a little and found no where that mentioned the creator of stress balls growing up on a farm milking. What a shame.)

I am thankful the good Lord saw fit to create such a diverse, beautiful, and awesome world for us to inhabit. I look around and see Him in the variety, creativity, beauty, and function of nature and creatures.



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