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An Official Thing

Sometimes I’m known for over thinking things. Doing so is an advantage and a disadvantage, in more ways than I care to divulge at the moment.

One of the disadvantages to over thinking, is that I tend to over think more things than not. I often overthink and over analyze my position in life. This comes with the naughty game of comparison that steals all joy.

I love to use natural remedies around our farm, it is important to me to use the goodness of the earth as I raise my kids and care for my animals. The creations of our good, good God make me pause in humble awe more often than not.

I like to make salves and creams, but I spent a lot of time telling myself I wasn’t qualified to do so. I wasn’t trained enough. Didn’t know enough. Not certified. And while there is something wise about recognizing that we always have more to learn, sometimes we can let fear stop us from doing something we enjoy, practicing what we are learning, and getting better.

Well, I’ve been working hard at identifying where I tell myself that I’m not enough to do something I want to do. Then, I try to identify what I’ve learned, and what from my current amount of knowledge, what could my next step be. Action squashes fear quite often, because even failure isn’t as bad when it happens as it seems in my head before I get there.20190226_125357.jpg

This little gift here, from a dear friend, is such a big deal to me. It is one of those things that seems proper or right. Like owning and using this mortar and pestle made me magically qualified to play with herbs and make remedies at home. It’s a silly thing, but it feels official.

This week, I hope to make a skin soothing salve, and a wound salve, if time allows. I have been working hard to get the house in order and prepare for the warmer weather that is coming so that I can make, build, and do all of the farm things I want to do, without the stress of all the clutter. I’m making progress!



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