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A Nearly Perfect Day

It is 11:49 pm as I begin to type this. I won’t actually let it publish until tomorrow morning, but I can’t help but write tonight, about my day today.

The feed store was closed today for Labor Day. Aw, who am I kidding, the feed store is closed every Monday. Sunday and Monday – two days to rest, recharge, and have fun with my family.

20180808_202150.jpgOriginally I thought today would mean a trip to the Oklahoma Museum of Art to see their paper dress display, because Rebecca had her heart set on it until she found out ALL the kids were coming along. She wanted a mommy – daughter adventure to see the dresses. I hated to disappoint her, but I didn’t have anywhere to leave the others behind today.

Jimmy and I got up early and got our horses ready and rode up the road about a mile and a half. Doesn’t seem far, until you think about the fact that none of us are used to riding that far. Then the trip there and back starts to add up. I expected Risky to act a little barn sour, but she seemed to really enjoy getting out and riding. Legacy was a gem, as usual.

Of course, we left our usual phones behind and only brought Jimmy’s work phone. (Which rang and shortened our ride, as can be expected from the towing industry. It seriously interrupts all my favorite moments.) I didn’t get pictures of anything but our neighbor’s lovely sign – which she painted herself.

We are blessed to call Dulce de Donke – and the precious family milking donkeys and

Dulce de Donke
Oklahoma Donkey Dairy

writing about Jesus – our neighbors. Find them on Facebook and on their website to read all about the amazing work they are doing and the hope they are sharing.

Riding by their farm and visiting with the girls and their dad this morning reminded me that I needed to get my hands on some of their deodorant. My naturopath said ONLY DULCE DE DONKE DEODORANT. At least until after some tests I’m having in a little less than a week.

We got home, unsaddled, and I started dishing out orders. Rebecca changed her mind and said the zoo was more in line with where she thought she wanted to spend the day, since we all were going for our outing together. I went over to our new neighbors’ house and visited with them for quite some time about homesteading, farming, and life next to the construction mess of an unwanted turnpike.

After I left the neighbors, the kids and I began our trek toward the zoo – but I wanted to stop at a shop in OKC for Dulce de Donke deodorant and by a market for a particular herb for a salve I need to make.

The zoo came up in light of, “Aww man, does this mean no fishing?” And I got to remind the kids that we choose how and where to spend our time and money, and that no, we could not fit both the zoo and fishing in to the same day. Fishing won out by what I would say was a landslide, but I had a very disappointed 5-year-old.

I wanted to cheer her up, but none of my ideas seemed like the right ones. You know what did warm her over? Comfortably warm Oklahoma river water, and fun sand to play in. She had an incredibly good time and even thanked me, with a big hug, afterward.

We came home to switch laundry, start some pizzas, and get cleaned up. I am feeling refreshed and ready for this coming week.

I hope that whether you got a 3 day weekend, your usual 2 days like us, or even less than that, that you found time to rest and engage with your family. That you made time to connect and refresh yourself for the coming days. If you didn’t, I hope you’ll be intentional the next time you have down time, and that you will let yourself rest, play, and be refreshed.

Until next time,



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