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Gifts from God

I posted about my little bay filly, Drifter, on August 1st. She was too much for me and I had to admit that life is different now. (I even wrote about it in more depth on my personal blogpersonal blog.)

It was hard to admit and even harder to give up on my stubbornness where the little bay was concerned. She’s going to make a great horse for the right person.


Well, folks, I found the right person! A lovely lady from out-of-town reached out to me. Not only was she interested in Drifter, she had a grulla gelding and she was considering the trade.

We talked back and forth for a few days, and she drove down to meet Drifter. It went so good and I saw something in Drifter that I never could get out of her. She understood Sam and what Sam wanted.

I don’t think Sam had been gone for more than 10 minutes when she called and wanted me to bring Drifter with me when I came to meet Legacy.

I borrowed a trailer (thanks Jack!) And hauled out her direction a couple of days later. Now, pre-6/2018 me would have been hands on. I would have caught him, saddled him, and rode him, all based on her saying he was good to go. I just wouldn’t have worried about it, honestly.

Post-6/2018 me said…well, why don’t you catch him? He seems quiet enough. Why don’t you saddle him up? He still seems quiet enough. Why don’t you ride him first? Yep, still quiet.

So I climbed on. And climb I had to. I had the horse rider’s version of muffin top happening in Sam’s small saddle (and it was embarrassing, to say the least.) Plus, Legacy was tall and getting on him was an event. He was quiet through it all. Didn’t even mind me using a tree stump to hop on. (There was no hop, who am I kidding?) I even made the comment about a mom of 7 and let myself go. (There was that embarrassment bubbling out.)

I rode him around and he was a perfect gentleman. Well behaved, responsive, and obviously knew what we were doing.

I rode over and said, “Let’s do it.”

Adley, Rebecca, and Legacy

And just like that, we were unsaddling Legacy, unloading Drifter, swapping papers, and both of us had that silly horse girl smile. You know the one, the “this is the best day EVER” smile.

Monday was a week that Legacy has been home. We’ve had the farrier out, we’ve been doing ground work in the evenings, and he’s been adjusting to the new routine, feed, and his new friends.

Seriously, y’all, this was God sending a good gift. I wrote up my spiel about Drifter and didn’t expect it to go anywhere. But I had fun writing it, like I usually do when I put my thoughts on the page. But this worked out so perfectly. I am so thankful.

And the best part? I get to keep in touch with Sam and see how Drifter is coming along under her care and training, and share with her how Legacy is fitting in so perfectly for us.

Until next time,



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