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Missing Anakin


This is Anakin. My missing friend, my farm hand, my guardian and protector. This smiling face ran to greet me every day when I got home, accompanied me on all farm tasks and chores, and rested his head in my lap every time I sat to think about life.

Loss on a farm is often part of life – a part we don’t talk a lot about. We just deal with it and keep moving forward. I’ve rescued dogs, taken in dumped dogs, bought dogs. I’ve had dogs that were just there, being fed and cared for because it seems the decent thing to do – care for one without a family. But Anakin isn’t in that category. Anakin became my friend the moment I brought him home and my love for him grew daily. I miss him fiercely. I keep texting home and asking if he’s come back while I’m at work.

You see, Anakin was special. He smiled, a genuine, BIG smile when he was happy. He would vocalize to me/with me. He worked his hinny off protecting the farm. He stood between my smallest child and the biggest livestock in a quietly protective way. I watched him pet his mother’s head. I watched him stand guard in the rain – unwilling to come inside, despite my pleading at the door with him.

He is more than just a dog to me…to us. He wasn’t a rescue – he came from a loving home with his mom and a darling herd of goats. Despite moving homes and families, he adjusted quickly. He has always loved my kids so well.

We haven’t given up hope. If you spot our boy, please send me an email – or call the store at 405-769-2711.

Thank you.


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