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Winning is messy…

If you would have asked me 20 years ago what winning meant, I would have said something like “coming out on top”. Winning was about being right, being better, being stronger, being the best. And I guess, in some ways that is kind of the point of winning.

Sometimes we win at things that aren’t competition related, and those wins can be different from day to day. I joke often that “oh well, I forgot a sippy cup. I remembered all the kids – I’m winning.” But seriously, what’s a forgotten sippy cup with 7 kids in tow? Nothing to sweat.

I am all about choices – we choose where to spend our time, our money, and our energy. We choose our responses. I have heard it said, “Knowledge is power,” but I think our choices hold more power. We can choose our attitude, our responses, and our behaviors. We can choose to change or stay the same. Knowledge may improve our choices so it holds power in its own right.

This fuzzy picture shows my bay mare, my dearly beloved friend, eating her dinner with her nose in the horse trailer. This was not my end goal. When I started at 7 am, with hope and confidence, my goal was breakfast in the horse trailer and a ride to the vet’s office. She has a nasty wound that I’d like some professional eyes on.

I left her after just shy of 2 hours and my husband gave it another hour before calling and saying, “She’s still not in.”

I told him no breakfast but turn her loose. I came home from the store and unloaded kids. Isaiah kindly caught her, and I began working her around the trailer. I made some progress and got two feet in and she stood for a few, but got spooked out by a kid who thought he should skid by on his bicycle. (Thanks son.)

Two hours turned into three and daylight slipped away. My husband asked if I was going to be at this all night.

“Well no! But I can’t give her the feed bucket NOW. And she needs her medicine.”

He took the rope, lead her to the trailer, and got her head in. And she stopped.

And from that view point I said… “we still win!” He said “huh?”

I mixed her medicine and feed and gave it to him. I said put it on the floor, but she has to reach in for it. And she did.

So we didn’t get 4 feet in, and we didn’t make the vet’s office today, but her wound looks better tonight than it did last night, and we ended on a positive note. And she still had to deal with the pesky trailer to get supper.

She wasn’t a fan and kept acting like the boogey man was coming for her, but she got all her feed down.

Sometimes we pick our battles. Sometimes we pick a battle but after a duration of time, it becomes clear that “winning” doesn’t mean the opponent is going to wave a white flag of surrender. Sometimes winning a chosen battle is in accepting a change of plans, a detour, a hiccup.

And sometimes a change of perspective helps us find the win when it feels like maybe it’s time to just give up.


2 thoughts on “Winning is messy…”

  1. Trailers are scary. Horses are stubborn. Kids don’t understand the consequences of their actions. I am sorry she never loaded. Happy to hear she had to work for the meal and had to be head in the trailer for food!


    1. Yes, trailers are scary, horses are stubborn, and kids don’t understand. It is well. And she is looking better this morning. So I’m less concerned than I had been. Thank God.


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