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Dollar Bin

While I missed last week (please forgive me), I am back today with our Monday Spotlight.

The Dollar Bin

I don’t know if this is such a stellar spotlight, but the dollar bin has history here. It’s part of how we ended up here. If you’ve been in and asked us about our journey, you likely know the story. But in case you don’t, I’m going to write it out now.

About a year ago I started scouring every rental listing I could find for horse property to rent. See, we had tried 3 different times to save up for the down payment to buy property, and every time, we dumped the money back in to the towing company – repairing trucks, replacing trucks, growing, towing, going.

I looked at my dear husband and told him I was D.O.N.E. with living in the city. It was noisy, busy, and chaotic. I was fried. I wanted to walk out my front door to my beautiful bay mare, and I wanted the kids to have space to run, play, explore, and grow.dollar bin

He agreed it was time, and since buying seemed like a pipe dream with all the business overhead, we started looking to rent.

I placed an ISO ad online, and a sweet young girl replied that I should call her Mom. (Cue the phone anxiety, please.) But I did call her, and she explained the story of their land and home and how it came to be for rent. We scheduled a time to meet and see the property…and then I thought we would never make it. We had a flat tire that day and I was frazzled. They kindly and patiently waited on us to get there.

I fell in love with the place and even more so with the people. I was immediately sad that this perfect find for us also meant that our new friends were leaving town. We have been blessed to keep in touch since that very day, despite the miles spread between us.

Miss Rebekah told me of a little feed store on NE 23rd St, Young Family Feed. Blue and white sign, south side of the road. You can’t miss it. She told me about getting goodies out of the dollar bin and the sweet family that ran the store.

I knew I had to find the store and meet the family and dig around in the dollar bin. And that’s exactly what I did. Weekly trips to the feed store became a highlight for me. Jack was a wealth of knowledge and he helped me with more than a few farm things. Staci was always delightful and special ordered products for my goats.

The dollar bin was gone when we took over – it had been picked through and over and emptied, and the tub became a potato bin. But potato season is over, and it was time to bring the dollar bin back. So, folks, it’s back.

Come dig through and see what you can find.

We’ll see you soon.


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