Feed Store

26 Days In…

We’ve been running the feed store for 26 days…26 glorious days. I thank God for this opportunity every single day. It’s funny how different things “feel” now than they did on Day 1.

I felt like I was jumping in with both feet, with not enough training, to something new. Like starting a job the week the trainer took off, and just being tossed in to do it… but we made it through Day 1, and then Week 1, and now, almost Month 1.

Jack has been available to answer questions at every turn, and for that, I am beyond grateful. I’ve even been able to call and ask him what feed certain customers prefer, because they couldn’t quite remember, but he did. I’m making notes, because he passed the torch and now it’s my job to remember.

That’s not a job I take lightly – the task of helping your farm and home run smooth with products you can rely on. I’ve been reading about products every night, trying to make sure I carry exactly what you need to keep things running smoothly. While I thought I brought a level of experience with me that would make this an “easy” job, I have been taught other wise.

My experience is just enough to get me started, but I have so much to learn. And learn I will, I do, every day. I look things up, write things down, watch videos, and ask around. I’ve been going through the store, product by product, learning all that I can. It’s a slower process than I expected, I’ll be honest. But I’m happy to do it, thankful even. And I’m excited about all that I’m learning.

As I close down the computer tonight, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for continuing to shop at your local feed store. Thank you for welcoming us with arms wide open. Thank you for being patient through the transition and change of hands. Thank you for supporting Nicoma Park Feed, and our family.



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