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The Art of Punching Udders

I read all of the posts and pages and books and asked all the questions I could think of in regards to milking my goats. I love these goat girls (and our sweet boy), and I am so tickled to have my own fresh goat’s milk. It’s truly a dream come true for me to be working with a little dairy herd.

One of the many things I read over and over again was about punching the doe’s udder to stimulate a final let down and be able to fully milk her out. I have to admit, I didn’t want to punch a goat udder. It sounded so…harsh. I’ve breastfed a few babes, and thinking of someone punching me to release the last of my milk?

No, thanks.

So, our first couple of milkings went well, although I wasn’t getting quite as much milk as I thought I should be. I gave a meager wiggle to each side of Shim’s udder, and milked another squirt or two, closed up my jar, dipped her teats, and headed inside for the ice bath.

I got a little bolder with practice and pushed a little bit more firmly in my nearing-the-end wiggle routine – and I got double the number of extra squirts. Milked a fe

Shimmy, my doe-in-milk

w times with this, read the “punch the udder” routine again, and got a bit firmer in my wiggling once more. More squirts!

I finally gave in and admitted that the dairy folks that have gone before me for years, really do know what works. It was time to be bold enough to punch an udder. After all, when a kid isn’t getting much milk, but is still hungry, they will thrust, with quite a bit of force, their head/mouth/jaw into the udder multiple times to get more milk out.

So I finally did it, I gave each side several firm shoves. I punched her udder, on both sides, a couple of times. I got an extra cup of milk! A whole extra cup! And you know what? She didn’t flinch or budge over the ordeal – apparently, she knew I was doing it wrong all along and was just waiting for me to catch up to speed.

And that folks, is how I learned to efficiently punch a goat udder. What rad skill do you have that came to you in a funny way?


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