Make it a Great Day

In the last couple of months, we have really ventured down new trails. Our adventure now includes public school for 2 of the boys. They are in 5th & 6th grade this year. I was sad at their choice to go to public school when they first said that’s what they wanted, but with each passing day I am finding joy in our new adventure.

They are learning things in a different way and are really growing as young men. I honestly feel much better a month in to our new normal than I did before it started.

I have always wanted to empower my kids to make choices – preferably the right ones, but choices nonetheless. There is power in choosing. There is power in having a voice. It starts when they are little – which cereal do you want? Which pair of socks do you want to wear? Which coat do you want to put on?

It grows as they get bigger, asking them which chore they would prefer, whether they want to make dinner or let me, whether they want to go to an activity on Thursday or Friday because I can’t make both happen.

My morning well wish as they head out the door for the bus is very intentional, too.

“Make it a great day!”

Not have a great day – because we are not the sum of all of things that happen to us, and quite frankly, so many things can slow our roll and trip us up that it’s hard to just happen to have a great day. I don’t want them to be a victim of whatever someone said, whatever didn’t go a certain way, or a change of plans. I want them to embrace their journey and make it great, their own way.

It’s a perspective thing, and I believe it’s life changing.

Often, when they get home, I ask how they made it a great day. Who did they encourage, what things did they think, do, or say to make the day great for them. Their answers were short, sometimes just a shrug the first week. As the days have continued, however, they are answering in more detail. They are taking a more active role in making their day great.

Some of their statements are even about something bad that happened, followed with a big BUT – I didn’t let it ruin my day because I read my favorite chapter in a book during break. Or I talked to someone much nicer. Or I chose to be nice even after someone was mean.

I encourage them to remember who they are and Whose they are. I pray endlessly for them to be rooted in Christ as a shining light among their peers, and I pray that they wouldn’t get lost in the things the world tries to tell them.

Tell me something positive that you say to your kids and how they respond, I’d really love to know.

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